C.D. California, USA
My copy (of Listen to Your Colon) has held up pretty good, no complaints from me. I have enjoyed the book, and so has my colon! : ) It is so nice to have someone actually talk about this stuff and have it come to the light. The practical things I personally got from the book are the following:
~ when going to the bathroom now I mute the tv so i don't hear it, shut the bathroom door completely, focus/breath/relax, listen to my body, no forcing, no fear. I already had the squatty potty before I bought the book but I used to sit on the toilet & watch tv. So this step has been very helpful for me to just focus on what I am doing!
~ tummy rubs, intestinal massage along with sweet talking/apologizing to my colon. This has helped me release some stress/guilt/fear about the way I have treated myself over the years.
~ I bought your book & Fiber Menace at the same time, so I have been lowering my "processed fiber foods", upped my healthy fats intake, included magnesium supplements and STOPPED taking colace stool softeners. 
~ Whole RAW MILK! Mmmm, I have finally started consuming that along with a high dose probiotic every day!
All of these things combined have really helped my constipation, hemorrhoids & a fissure that I acquired last year. Thank you for your knowledge/advice/experience! I am looking to incorporate even more of this "lifestyle change" protocol! 
Thank you for checking in on me!