K.K.C., Cambridge, UK
"I write to say that I am very happy that I managed to find a very good dietary supplement for my mother. She was diagnosed as suffering from ulcerative colitis after loosing 39 pounds in 9 months, (she only weighed about 58kg before) not being able to eat much and had a mild diarrhea. I live in Cambridge, UK, and my mother is in Hong Kong.

Having searched the Web for information for treatment, I came across Jini Patel Thompson's book, the IBD Remission Diet, which I bought. I was impressed in what she claimed and decided to get my mother to try the dietary method in controlling her disease. When I got to Hong Kong, her doctor already put her on steroid and an anti-inflammatory drug. In the past two months she only managed to gain back 2 kg in weight and was feeling very frustrated and worried.

I decided to let her keep on with her steroid treatment as she seems to be responding to the drug, but use Absorb Plus as a supplementary diet to get her to gain weight. Using the calories chart, which I found extremely useful, I got my mother drinking three shakes per day with the aim of having her gaining a pound every 2 days. Also, I managed to convince her that she also needs a bit more food that is rich in carbohydrates.
As a result, she gained 2 kg in 5 days since she started and her doctor is pleased with her progress and decided to reduce her steroid intake to a much less aggressive dosage. We decided to keep her on Absorb Plus until she has fully recovered the weight that she lost and then reduce the intake to function as a maintenance diet.

In addition, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the service. As I can only stay in Hong Kong for a relatively short period of time. The company managed to deliver the goods to me in time so that I can monitor the progress of my mother with the diet before I leave. I am grateful for your help."