V.M., Massachusetts, USA.
I hope this email finds you and all the listentoyourgut team well. The
reason for my email is to say thank you to you and your listentoyourgut
team for helping me find a path to a healthy life again. Just about a year
ago I had asked you about possible alternatives to treat Crohn’s disease
and one of your employee more precisely Justin suggested that I checkout
the Goldberg Clinic. I did contact the Goldberg Clinic and in June of this
year I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle with the help of Dr.
Goldberg and Dr. Tener again. The journey had some ups and downs but
overall it has been great. This past November I went to Goldberg Clinic and
the results of the last 2-3 months have been pretty remarkable. for
instance my bacteria over growth test which was extremely high came back
almost normal; my free radicles test is now normal and in the initial visit
it was extremely high; Now I’m digesting food better which in the initial
testing I was not etc..  
I’m eternally grateful for you and your team for enabling me to see a new path
that I never knew existed. I pray that God continue to bless you and your
team in helping people finding health again. It has been a pleasure for
me working with Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Tener. They are very kind and they
work hard to help their patients regain the vitality of life again. Life is
very precious and we all deserve to live it with joy, happiness and health.
Thanks once again and happy holidays from my family to yours.