S.S., Ontario, Canada
"Having recently undergone the second of two major surgeries for severe ulcerative colitis, I decided to go on a two week course of Absorb Plus (exclusively, no other food) with the goal of restoring balance to my gut, losing some weight, and generally "detoxifying" my system.
This is a terrific product. I felt great the whole time I was taking Absorb Plus. The immediate outcome was a reduction in my cravings for caffeine and other stimulants, a huge boost in energy levels, and the loss of an unwanted 12 lbs, which has stayed off. Since my surgeries, I have been prone to painful blockages.
After taking Absorb Plus, my digestion has vastly improved and I have had no blockages at all. Taking AP has led me to question whether my surgeries might even have been averted had this product been available to me earlier. I still use Absorb Plus on an occasional basis as part of regular health maintenance. The shakes are delicious, easy and particularly useful when I'm in too much of a rush to cook."