M.V. California, USA
Jini is a lifesaver.
The protocols and the  methods in the book that I have tried till now works exactly
as described by her.  
I will boldly say  do not question but just try the remedies without making any changes.  The only 
thing I will advise is to adjust the dosage depending on how your body is reacting.
For example, for the  intestinal stricture protocol I started using double the dosage of DMSO after one month. I am currently on my 3rd month and now I am using 3 times the dosage. 
Her suggestions regarding  diet to follow  when you have any stomach/colon/ digestion related issues is spot on.  
Most doctors have a tunnel vision they don't realize that what works for one person may not work for others,  but with Jini, I find that she is sensitive, thinks deeply about the subject, tries new methods on herself and on a few other selected people before putting it out.
You cannot go wrong following her advice. We are fortunate to have someone who has gone so deeply into this subject.
Here is wishing happiness for all living beings.