E.D. India

l am grateful and inspired, and of course, greatly relieved to have found your book. l read it over a number of days, particularly the first 3 chapters. l had already downloaded chapter 1 for free anyway, and that led me to buy the e-book. Your research and obvious direct experience gives me the faith that your program works. It makes sense anyway, there's so much common sense in your book. The book helped explain a lot of strange symptoms l have that l didn't know, but suspected, are related to IBD.

I began the Oregano oil protocol, as l happened to have a really high quality one around, according to your standards. Since l have been a vegetarian with quite a yogic diet for about 3 decades, l decided to do 10 drops of OO 3x a day, which l did for 2 weeks. I started to feel a bit sick, or over-heated liver feeling, just around then, so now l have cut down to 5 drops 3x a day, which l want to do for at least 2 more weeks, or longer if l can handle it.

As far as the probiotics go, it is a difficult situation. I live in a small town in the Himalayas of northern India (basically a Canadian ex-pat). I started at the same time with OO to empty 1 capsule of a Canadian probiotic (Natural Factors) in water at night on an empty stomach. It's not enough time yet to say there are significant changes, although l think l have warded off a couple from flare-ups. l basically do not have access to Natren Probiotics, unless l invest about $2000 (l calculated for 3 months, not including Mucosaheal or Absorb Plus) and Fed-Ex the stuff over here. With another 3 months of Probiotics, plus the other stuff, it is flat out impossible. 

I have had bouts of amoebas, giardia, and or bacterial infections in the gut ever since l arrived in India. So l do believe that the lining of my colon and perhaps small intestine is damaged. The symptoms agree with your information. According to your chart, it is "moderate" IBD. l do get fever for a few hours when l get a flare-up, and feel horribly uncomfortable.

I should say that l have an incredible support system. l am also a 40 year meditator. And since the last flare-up 2 months ago, l went online and found a way to massage the gut, according to Chinese medicine. I have been doing that every day, and l must say it is a revelation to get to know my own gut on an intimate basis, which l now know. Perhaps this has also helped. Every time l eat something that l am not sure about (like turnips the other day), l can feel the next morning how my gut handled it.

You gave me a key piece of information about the ilio-secal valve where the small intestines meet the colon. That IS where the pain begins, and the inflammation. 

I will do the retention enemas, that sounds amazing. I also think it's crucial to heal the gut lining after a good round of probiotics.  l will at that time order Mucosaheal. I wish l could get the Natren stuff but l cannot leave here for now. l had to laugh, and fully understand, that you said India is the one place your gut can't handle.

You have inspired me and given me hope to heal this debilitating affliction.