J. W. Maryland, USA
I am all too happy to give you feedback on Jini's book (Listen to your Gut book) and therapies. Let me give you a little bit of information about my situation.  I am a 53 year old woman who has had issues from stress just about all of my life.  I had gotten to the point of acute diverticulitis and had 9 inches of my colon removed. After my surgery I had continued to flare every month and all my 4 doctors could offer me was more surgery that could have caused me to lose control of my bowels, at the very least. But I found Jini and her most
valuable life changing information. I haven't flared in 5 months! I knew that the strong antibiotics were killing me and I knew I needed something that the doctors didn't know about.  My hair and nails were breaking off. My hair is now down my back and my nails are so strong they dont crack, i have to file them back. Tell Jini thank you for improving my quality of life and also tell her that I have been passing her name to everyone I meet with gut problems, including doctors. I will meeting with my gastro doctors soon. I will be taking my book and telling them that now they have at least one other thing they can offer people before they chose to cut on them. So... what do I think about Jini and her book? I now call her... Teacher (Doctor). Thank You.