L.M. North Carolina USA
I am starting to read through 'Listen to Your 
Gut' (and not just reference separate topics). I come across 
instructions that 'You must heal all the roots of your illness...to 
effect long-term healing' (p.19) where I have been trying to 'just 
randomly take a few of the recommended supplements here and there' 
(p.14). I thank you for your Absorb Plus Video Part 2 on Traveling. Next 
month I am going to have to do exactly that. I live in the South, and my 
mother is in long term care in Michigan.
     It reminds me of the time, in 2012, when I visited her to take 
responsibility for her surgery for intestinal cancer, even as the stress 
of the situation gave me diverticulitis, and the prescribed antibiotics 
gave me diarrhea. I stopped taking the drug, and took probiotic gummies 
instead, in order to do what I had to do, for her. My mother was 83 at 
the time, and I praise God that the surgery was completely successful, 
but she still has IBS, and so do I.
     I was enlightened by the idea that 'you don't even need an official 
medical diagnosis to use and benefit from the healing tools in the 
program.' (p.29) I have been holding my breath, waiting for a 
colonoscopy on Aug. 11th. Will they say I have cancer? Will they say 
'You're fine.'? I'm not likely to follow their recommendations either 
way! You are absolutely right - I can be proactive, start working the 
workbook, and looking at how to be Healthy, without any doctor's formal 
explanation. OK I'm following the general recommendation to see a 
doctor. But I can change how I see myself.
     Thank you for writing this book, articulating some thoughts I have 
been vaguely turning over in my head for years!