S.L., Colorado
"I'm 51 year old, and was diagnosed with IBD approximately 5 years ago. I also had a minor heart attack approximately 6 years ago. I had a stent put in my right coronary artery. Luckily, I had little to no heart damage. I have had high blood pressure for years controlled with prescription drugs. I've also had high cholesterol and high triglyceride numbers. No matter what I've done, I haven't been able to lower these numbers. I haven't had dairy in years due to lactose intolerance, and watch everything that I eat. All of the above at least seems to be genetic. I've never smoked, don't drink coffee and have had no alcohol for years. Many in my family have had similar health problems. My father died at the age of 50, and he was a physician.
In spite of the above, I'm in excellent physical shape and certainly look quite healthy. I work out regularly and, as I said, eat right, but again I thought it must be my genes. My IBD had finally been under control as a result of using some of the suggestions in Jini's first book that I'd purchased a year and a half ago. Those suggestions are the use of L-Glutamine, NAG and a carefully controlled diet along with the physician prescribed drug Colazal. Colazal had not worked as a sole remedy for a few years.
In August of this year, I had a terrible flare up that I could not get under control. I bled excessively and could not figure out what I'd done differently. Prednisone seemed the only answer, but I'd had some bad side effects from it in the past. My regular regime of L-Glutamine and Colazal was not working. I checked your web site and purchased Jini's new book on different diets and decided that the predigested food diet was my last option before going back to prednisone. I purchased your chocolate Absorb pre-digested food shakes, and for the next six and a half weeks basically had four drinks, some clear broths and some organic clear juices along with NAG, L-Glutamine, vitamins and Udos oil on a daily basis. I also stopped taking my cholesterol lowering medicine, because I could not believe that this diet wouldn't have some sort of positive effect on these numbers.
Over a six week period, I had two blood tests and found that my cholesterol numbers dropped from approximately 210 down to 139. My triglyceride numbers dropped from over 200 to 80. I also lost about 22 pounds. I was only trying for 10, as I've been trying to drop that ten for a year or more. The blood flow had lessened, but was still coming after six and a half weeks, but the lipid and triglyceride numbers were astounding. I'd also cut my high blood pressure medicine to the lowest dosage given of Procardia, finding this to be enough to keep my pressure under control. Again, the blood flow had lessened but not stopped, so I checked with my very open minded gastroenteologist at this point. He deduced that my internist had, in giving me amoxicillin three months before for what he thought was a bronchial infection, inadvertently messed up the bacterial flora in my colon.
This allowed some harmful bacteria to take over, giving me antibiotic caused colitis. This also aggravated my regular colitis problem. He put me on Flagyl for one week. Flagyl is an antibiotic specific for my bad intestinal bacteria. He then started me on probiotics to replace the good intestinal bacteria. This last step of probiotic introduction is also the next step in Jini's book for healing my problem.
I currently, on a daily basis, eat two regular meals, based upon the reintroduction diet from Jini's books, an Absorb shake for breakfast, Udos oil, NAG, L-Glutamine, vitamins, probiotics, Colazal and lots of filtered or bottled water. It is now about three and a half weeks into the probiotic program. I've been on Jini's food reintroduction program for about the same amount of time. I'm not seeing any blood as of about three days ago. I'm 5'10" tall and my weight has stabilized at 172. That's my college gymnastics competition weight. I get another blood test in about two weeks to see if my cholesterol and triglycerides have remained low.
The combination of all of the above was extremely well worth the effort. I'm convinced that had I known to take only the Flagyl, I wouldn't be on the road to having my colitis under the control that it currently is. The unexpected cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure and weight loss results were amazing . In my estimation, this whole program was easily better and less destructive than the use of steroids to my traumatized system.
As I said, I still have a chocolate Absorb shake for breakfast. It's my favorite flavor. I find them most satisfying and filling. I just reordered enough for the next few months. My internist was so impressed by the Absorb product and probiotic program that he has suggested this regimen to some of his other patients. I can't thank you enough for your products, your research and your supportive books. If I may be of any help to another person with this problem in any way, please feel free to contact me. I know how frustrating this process and the problem can be. You have to be patient, but this program works!"