R.N., B.C., Canada
"In the past, a flare up of my Ulcerative Colitis would almost always lead to a fairly severe amount of weight loss. Once I started using Absorb Plus, I discovered that I could maintain my weight during my flare ups by replacing several meals with the tasty shakes. The stress of deciding what to eat is diminished greatly by having the option of a healthy and easy to digest shake.
I work as a field producer for a couple of television shows that air across North America meaning I have to do a fair bit of traveling. In the past, it would often be difficult to avoid a flare up when on these trips due to the difficulty of maintaining a proper diet in the field. After trying out Absorb Plus for a few weeks at home and being impressed with the increase in energy I was feeling I decided to take it on the road with me for a huge three day trade show that I was covering.
Rather than stopping for an overpriced and nutritionally questionable cafeteria meal, I packed a couple of shakes worth of Absorb Plus with my gear and stopped for one of those a couple of times during the day. I was able to keep my energy up and returned home feeling great. My plan now is to always bring Absorb Plus on the road as a meal replacement, while continuing to augment my regular diet to try to get some wait back on health."