I just finished a 3 week detox. I followed your protocol suggestions for candida. Im also on the diet plan avoiding all sugars, grains etc. Im feeling 80% better. I was in a real foggy minded depressed weak place. My digestion has improved and my mind has cleared. Im on the trinity capsules nightly and continuing with the diet. 
Im working towards better health and Ive found some direction and support from your site. Im thankful you are out there as Ive struggled for years. When I get to the bottom and completely hopeless I follow your suggestions I find in the drop down menu, heal your symptoms. 
My story is long as I see others in your blog share their stories of years of trial and error too. Ive had my gallbladder removed and been told I have diverticulitis. I wont get into my whole story but will add I became very sick after having a endoscopy. I believe I was infected by the procedure. I also believe my gallbladder was healthy and didnt need to be removed. After my endoscopy I found you and bought your book. I lived on Absorb Plus. I was the sickest Id ever been in my life. Because of your book I nursed myself back to health. You and your knowledge has taught me how to read my body and attempt to heal my symptoms.
Im presently using a DMSO mixture with wild oregano and potassium iodide to heal my hemorrhoids I got delivering my son 13 years ago. The past five years they have been unbearable. Ive only been using it a few days now and have had amazing results! 
Jini Im for ever thankful to you for being the person you are. If you werent there I dont know how I would have found my way out of the WRONG advice. Being told what was going on in my body and how to solve my problems with surgery and procedures. Also drugs that I think made my conditions worse. 
Big giant hugs to you!