I tell everybody about Jini's book and wild Oil of Oregano especially if I know that they are having indigestion problems. But then I have to tell them how the oil helped me overcome my stomach issues which started about two years ago.
I had been diagnosed with IBS about 15 years ago and had always suffered from stomach pain and constipation and had to take over the counter remedies for the pain and discomfort. But I began to have loose stools and urgency along with intense pain in my stomach. I had an ultra-sound and a colonoscopy and the results came back negative for any kind of complications. I had my stools tested for parasites and everything I was tested for came back negative. I was passing a lot of mucus and gas without stool matter and I felt awful. I couldn't work out at the gym because I was afraid that any kind of exertion would cause me to have to go to the bathroom. My stool didn't even look normal, it was shiny and kind of slick looking and all my family doctor could say was the mucus was normal. He did prescribe a very strong antibiotic for diarrhea but it did not heal me.
The first time I had any kind of relief was when I tried human grade DE, a powder that is used to kill bed bugs,fleas etc. It was a small victory, I thought, because I felt better in about two days. I used it everyday but my symptoms, the mucus and loose stools and fatigue were still there but not as bad. I researched on the Web and continued to read about remedies that helped some people who were having the same issues as I was having. That was how I heard about the Oregano Oil.
The next day I went to the health food store to buy a bottle and that is where I saw Jini's book at the checkout. I briefly read a page inside and there was mention of the oil, so I bought the book hoping it would had some good advice on how to take it. The book became more important than my bible because praying did not cure what I had, what ever was making me so sick.
After taking the oregano (in pill form) I noticed a change in my ability to concentrate and think and I had more energy. The mucus started to cease and I had less urgency than before. I was detoxing and feeling better everyday. I stayed on the oregano in pill form for about two months before I felt good enough to stop. I also purchased probiotics Natren brand and took them. Jini's protocol was the only thing that worked for me. I am not completely cured so I am going to start taking the oil again, two to three times a day on an empty stomach, but not in pill form. Jini explains how to do it so that the heat of the oil is tolerable.
My hope is that no one has to ever suffer like I did and have doctors tell them that it's IBS or diet or stress.
I know that I will continue to heal and feel better because I always do when I take the oil! It always helps ease pain and increases my energy. I also use it on cuts and I rub it on my hands for heat and to ease joint pain.
I will never know what caused my symptoms to start but my first guess would be a tick bite or gardening without wearing gloves. It could have been from bad unfiltered spring water or mold, I just don't know. Bless you, Jini!