In September 2015, I experienced my first bout of diverticulitis.  This was an eye opening experiencing and was frightened by what my primary doctor told me (that it frequently leads to colon surgery!).   All the medical personnel told me that there was "nothing" I could do to prevent it from occurring and re-occurring.   After doing some research online while I recovered, I discovered Jini's book...and what a life saver it has been.   Although I do not suffer from IBD, IBS or Crohn's there is so much helpful information in this book that has helped heal my gut from this bout of diverticulitis.   Anyone who is experiencing ANY type of digestive disorder should read this book and give her suggestions a try--instead of resorting to medication and surgery.  To me, those are absolutely last ditch options, and I still believe that her book is the total guide to healing.   Most importantly, it helped me stop being afraid and take control of my health.