I wanted to share with you the two most definitively positive impacts that
the information contained in the LTYG book (as well as the vast body of
supplemental knowledge Jini has amassed online) has had on my healing

The first positive impact was getting rid of the fear of completely letting
go of the pharmaceuticals. While I have not been on any long term
medications for my Crohn's in several years, I would always be looking to
my gastroenterologist for a month long course of prednisone when a flare
came around as it did this past July. I was fortunate enough however to
have stumbled upon the LTYG website and after ordering the book and
accessing the wellness circle, I felt so empowered and supported by the
knowledge I obtained that I was no longer concerned about getting that
script from my GI. It was incredibly liberating!

The second positive impact was the implementation of Jini's probiotic
retention enema protocol. I first tried it after completing a 9 week stint
on the absorb plus elemental diet. Despite the diet and the use of other
supplements suggested in the LTYG book, I was still having some persistent
physical symptoms (loose stool, blood, urgency) so I decided to give the
probiotic enema a try. This protocol provided me very fast improvement of
physical symptoms. Within a week my stool quality improved demonstrably and
within a month my stool was fully formed and solid and there was almost no
blood! I should also mention that the die-off symptoms lasted for an entire
week after doing the enema so my gut must have been really toxic.

I hope this feedback will be helpful. Thanks to you, Jini, and the entire
LTYG team!