Finally found LTYG and did the Elemental Diet for 6 weeks last August-September.
Was hoping for miraculous results, but a very demanding performance tour (my husband and I are musicians -Artists-in-Education, mostly touring in public . I started bleeding again. I immediately consumed mostly shakes and continue to do so. By adding colostrum to the shakes (Sovereign Laboratories - I Highly recommend) I got steadily stronger. Weight gain, now up to 130. I recommend that folks that have become seriously depleted from persistent bleeding take colostrum from building.

Anyway - thanks to you and all of your devoted and unceasing research to help the myriads of us suffering IBD, i am getting a handle on how to heal my gut. In my case, since it is a lifelong ailment, it is a very gradual process. My husband and I are meditation instructors, Kadampa Buddhist practitioners. For the past 16 years we have been developing mindfulness through meditation practice, so getting at the root of the emotional causes of my illness is key to recovery, as you so wisely suggest in your writings.

In particular, emphasizing the shakes, colonic massage, proper pooping positions and movement, probiotics, periodic wild oregano oil treatments, weekly cleansing enemas and monthly probiotic implants, and most of all developing a loving relationship with my poor, sorely neglected gut, as you prescribe, has me on a gradual road to recovery.

Thank you thank you thank you.