M.R., Pennsylvania
"I have had a long history of intestinal problems. I've been to at least 3 different GI specialists and participated briefly in Dr. Weil's program at the University of Arizona in 2001. About 10 years ago, my IBS progressed to ulcerative colitis and continued to progress to an array of issues including fissures, leaky gut, proctitis, etc. It appears that my condition is genetic and I'm following in the footsteps of my grandmother. Identical location of problem and symptoms in the large intestine. Unfortunately hers progressed to cancer in the infected area of the colon and had to removed.
After regular colonoscopies and drug treatments, GIs have not found a resolution for my ongoing and worsening problems. Dr. Weil's program required eliminating wheat, diary, eggs and meat for at least three weeks before reintroducing foods and journaling results. After three weeks, I found that this did not bring me relief and I was still experiencing problems. It seemed as though all solid food disagreed with me. After returning to PA from Tucson recently, I was ready to try something else.
Through an online discussion group, I was excited to learn of Jini's books (wonderful source of experience, expertise and inspiration) and Absorb Plus. I was especially encouraged when I tried this product and was able to tolerate the chocolate. It was agreeable to my system and taste-buds. Currently, I only drink two shakes, take extra vitamin supplements, and eat one meal or two small meals of fish, rice, non-irritating foods daily. My stress is that I can't seem to give up chewing at least one meal a day. The above is a compromise between body/mind. The largest factor is cost. I am unable to afford a complete liquid diet of 4-5 shakes/day at this time and have to budget very carefully. With these factors, I know that this is probably the reason that I am not experiencing its full effect. However, I am hoping that this slow introduction will give my digestive system a rest and allow me to heal even if it takes longer.
Any-rate, I can say that I feel great after drinking the shakes and they totally agree with me. I don't think that I'll ever want to go back to solid food for breakfast again as nothing has been comparable to start the day. And, a shake is perfect for a meal before bed. I'm most grateful in knowing that I have a product that I can use for flare-ups. I am still awaiting more improved results and would be happy to provide a future testimonial and let you know if my condition has improved. Lastly, it is wonderful to know that a reliable, healthy product for your wellness exists that you're able to fall back on in times of intestinal woes. I only wish that the cost factor was not a major issue and that I could find it locally verses using only mail order. I've had difficulty receiving past supplies in a timely fashion and it is difficult when you depend on it so much and at the same time need to budget very carefully."