Im with you though Jini after reading your approach you include a lot of other diets and approaches to your healing regime.

One day after reading listen to your gut book you mentioned that your a bit of a food connoisseur you mentioned that doing all the cooking following the scd diet was depressing and time consuming it was the same for me.
A penny dropped it all started to make sense we all have to follow the path that suits us best so long as you get results slowly then you know your on the right track it all comes down to listen to your body GUT.
I totally agree I still love lamb chops chicken and fish pasta I can now include some meats occasionally here and there I couldn't for a while my body would go backwards (more bleeding).I try not to eat pasta any more I have had it once and enjoyed it but I did feel bogged up the next day so I avoid these signs and go with fruits mostly.Gluten builds up in the body and where not meant to eat un grains even birds know this they have a crop to sprout their seeds.
I used to be a fitness fanatic and thought I was eating ok but still to many cooked foods and I think for me (were all different) I became toxic and my body overloaded backed up etc.My father eats pretty much meat every meal and hasn't had a problem but its not to say the body is not struggling our bodies are always talking to us( aging quicker ?) but we don't always hear what its trying to say.
All we can do is dig deep keep doing the best we can and the body will start to shine outside as well as in when the healing, cleansing and repairing is complete.

I still have a way to go but its soooo good to see results and gain confidence in what your doing again.