Lori J., USA
I am very happy to have found the Listen To Your Gut book. I have had ulcerative colitis for 31 years. I have had many years of remission and then flares. I have taken the sulfa drugs and prednisone. I always weaned off of everything and would go for 5 years or so between bouts. At age 53 I had a severe flare. I was not digesting anything and no nutrients were taken in. I was hospitalized for 13 days with IV drugs. Eighteen months later I had another severe flare but was not hospitalized and saw an acupuncturist who helped a lot. Then I would go a few months and flare. In July, I was beside myself. Mayo Clinic had done a colonoscopy on me and wanted to do a colectomy with a pouch. I have one small spot on colon that they say could turn into cancer.

As I usually do, I googled treatment for UC and found the site by Jini Patel. I ordered the book. I already was on a paleo SCD diet. I ordered the recommended Natren probiotics. I have taken probiotics for many years. These probiotics seem to really work the best. I swear by them. They are pricey and it is hard to pay for but I do. I have also ordered the Absorb Plus and love the unsweetened product. What Jini says makes sense and wish I would have found this site sooner, but all things work out how they are supposed to work out. I follow how she recommends to take the probiotics and take the oreganol.

I feel great. Now Mayo is saying I still need surgery because of that spot. I am holding off as I believe I can heal completely.
I am glad I found this book and I am so very grateful for it.