Beth K, USA
Very good information. I am now trying the healthy start pack by Natren. Since I get bowel
obstructions due to adhesions, I am going to every other day with the Megadophilis. So far, I have been pleased with the results.

I am also impressed with the fecal implant using them, but I have not done that yet.

I love the Absorb Plus and use it every day. It is wonderful to have it to make the
elemental drink when I have an obstruction. It is a lot healthier than the commercial products.
I have also lost weight due to Sibo so the Absorb Plus can help me not to lose too much weight.

I have also used the castor oil pack to soften the adhesions. So far it is a good therapy as it eases the pain from the adhesions. I also do the abdominal massage that you have demonstrated, and that helps with the constipation I live with due to the adhesions. I also have a colostomy so I was glad to read the detailed directions about performing this therapy.

I bought Listen to Your Gut, and it is my bible. The suggestions have helped the pain and the rest of problems to be more manageable. I also love your website. I am glad I found you.