Thank you for the information [Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide]. I did do several things in there that was helpful. I appreciate you all very much for doing this. Doctors do not even help this much. Your care and concern for others is deeply appreciated. I went to the urologist (specializing in female problems). After she examined me she said it wasn't a rectocele but levator spasm, puborectalis syndrome. The suggestions you made still are good for this. She sent me for therapy and I hope it works. I have had this problem for more than 20 years on and off. I am happy to have a diagnosis but not happy that it took this long to find this out after all these years. I just hope that I can be helped. I am squatting and that helps. I am doing several things that you suggested. I just got some castor oil this week. I am taking the supplements that you suggested too. Thank you very much.