I wish I had read it [What You Need to Know About Colonoscopy] 5 years ago!!!

After my 1st colonoscopy (5 years ago),  it resulted in about 6 days of pain.  Said I'd never do it again.  This past December during intestinal issues, the docs suggesed a colonoscopy and cat-scan to confirm it 'wasn't anything serious'.   Well... the following day I was in a fetal position in terrific pain.    After my own in-depth research, which included your books, I'm confidant it's a long-term overgrowth of candida as there have been so many of symptoms present over that time-frame.  
In 2013 besides the colonoscopy, I had 2 surgeries along with medications.   I'm sure the colonoscopy wasa the final straw, causing the brutal IBS/IBD onset for weeks.  It's only been since starting your Elemental Diet with the Absorb Plus that the intestinal pain and ICV pain has nearly disappeared.   When I cheat, it lets me know it's still there so  I'm planning on staying on the diet and with full intention and belief, heal completely.
As a side note, after the colonoscopy, all 3 docs (who were in communication) all said the pain was 'probably yeast'.  Yet none thought of telling me to get on probiotics.   I took some on my own accord, but not a high enough strain. 
I seriously doubt I'll have another colonoscopy for the obvious reasons but also the radiation.   Thank you for the book and sharing your wisdom.  I've shared your site and names of books with many friends, family and my holistic healers.