I have looked at the [Rectal Prolapse] Healing guide and am going to go to a Physical therapist after the Holidays. I am working on my diet, and keep changing things. That is what seems to help the most. I'm down to eating fish, chicken, turkey, vegy's, fruit, flax oil, butter. Mainly soft foods! I might have missed some things! No sugar, grains, white flour, dairy (except yogurt), and nuts and seeds seem to bother me also. I never strain when I have a bowl movement and am taking probiotics, Magnesium, vitamin C. to keep bowl soft. I didn't get to read all your links but will. Most of all, thank you for your help, this is about the worst thing I think I have had and I have had my fill of problems and surgeries. You give me hope and it helps with the ongoing stress of this problem. I do not want another surgery, so I am going to try everything possible to help myself. Thanks again!W