Thank you for the [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil] book, it was a good read. I have been using oregano, as a daily supplement for a little over a year now,with amazing results. My overall health is at a level that I can not ever remember it being. I was plagued with sinus problems,ear infections and colds continuously. Within weeks of starting oregano I have had no ear infection, clear sinus and one minor cold. It lasted 3 days and felt like when your getting sick that first day. So it was very very mellow. I am sold on it. My kids are on a much smaller regiment of it and have been sick free for over 6 months. And I am happy to say after more than a year my wife is starting to use it. Anyway again thank you! I enjoy reading and learning as much as I can about the herb and it's many uses. On a different note I see you have a book with a treatment for Harding of the Colin, that I'll be buying. I am very interested in this after finding out I have that problem and over the last few years it's impossible to have a normal bowel movement. You have a good site with good information thank you again