Thank you Jini for helping get my life and health back in order. Last December I was after yet another round of antibiotics for sinus infections, that my intestinal flora gave up on me and I suffered non-stop diarrhea. I went to my ANP and she did have some suggestions which were only moderately adequate, but was unable to answer how I was going to get my health back, and we were heading on the track for colonoscopies and possible Crohn's disease. I felt in my gut (pun only partially intended) that this wasn't the root of my problems, but could find no help or reference on how to heal myself until I found the Listen to your Gut website.  Finally it all clicked.  I found the information I needed to heal, and finally found out the food groups I was intolerant of which helped heal my gut. I am not there yet, I figure all those years of antibiotics will take at least 2 years to heal, but I am at 85% of what I feel my full health will be at that time.
I am now at 10 months of putting my health first, and having Jini to thank for getting here. 
Again, a huge thank you!!!!