I did read the report. It does have useful information. The unpasteurized dairy products are a barrier for me because I have to watch my money and there is none local. I also have the issue of trying to keep my weight up. My doctor also wants me eating gluten free. Lots to balance and consider.
I really enjoyed the thoroughness of the report and have used her massage many times. I bought the book but have not really begun to read it front to back yet. I did buy the oil of oregano but am not brave enough to use it yet. I am having lab work on my stool to see what's up. That will be in the next couple of weeks. I have not had a flare up since getting her reports/ book (I began searching for infomration at the end of a flare up.)
This is probably more that you wanted to know, but I am so glad to have these resources available to me.