I am only sorry that I didn't get your book sooner.  It gave me a plan to follow that people could get better without drugs.  We are just so brainwashed! If you are sick, go to the hospital. The Drs. will fix you.  
     Two months ago, my son was told he needed surgery to live.  He refused surgery.  He is now on some drugs, but seems to be getting better, even as we wean his medication down.  He is much more cheerful and has pink back in his cheeks.  Without your informative book, we would have had no idea that other options were available. 
     A few days ago I made a soup with home raised meat(goat).  Without thinking, I added a good handful of dandelion roots, plus kale, onions, carrots, turnip, Greek oregano and thyme.  You seemed to make such a big deal about your soups, so I gave him about half a cup.  It seemed to really help kick start some healing system(liver, gallbladder?).  Even just the hot drink was helpful, but I didn't realize how helpful the cooked out nutrients from so few vegetables could be. 
     Thank you so much for your outgoing concern.