YOUR BOOKLET I COPIED WAS A GODSEND. My Mom who lives with us and will be 98 in Feb., is the one who suffered this happening to her. Although she was correctly diagnosed they had nothing to much to offer as to how to deal with it other than send us to a surgeon in this field who ruled out surgery because of her age and offered sugar to be sprinkled on it to retrieve it back in. She was in excruciating pain when she had to do a bowel movement due to the pressure it exerted in this area.
Since following many of the guidelines in your book she is not undergoing this type of pain this week. I took your booklet with me every place I was meeting with a specialist so I had a clear understanding for a layman and could ask the right questions and field answers from them with the knowledge you imparted. I felt empowered to get the best possible help for Mom in this area.
I started with our chiropractor whose help did improve things slightly but then found a physical therapist who has improved things greatly in just 2 visits. This is done by particular stomach strengthening, leg and rotation exercises as well as the specific massaging of most of those areas in the backside mentioned in your booklet.
I went to a health food store and she has been on the regimen you suggested for avoiding constipation; the magnesium [100% pure powder] and potassium citrate concentrations you recommended [done daily]- 7 billion, one capsule of probiotic per day[ Nutrition Now, PB 8]. I also bought a comfrey and aloe salve you recommended. Bought the cold-pressed castor oil and flannel pad but have not tried this yet with her.
She takes a stool softener now when needed but was doing it daily at one point earlier. Tried the chia with her but she did not like how it got caught under her dentures.