Hi Jini, thank you for the QuickStart guide for healing.
I have learnt so much with your support on the courses you have been sending me on probiotics ,candida,bacterias etc.
I was trying some natural detox remedies before I went to hospital but I think I was a little to far gone and didn't know enough yet and I was still working not a good combination it all caught up with me and I had a bad flare up with ulcerative colitis.
I am out of hospital now was in for a week Currently I am on prednisilone steroids ,pentasa ,and ramicade infusions I have one  infusion to go and then the doctors plan on a long term management drug plan Azathioprine.
I plan on getting on top of this flare first on these drugs then convince the doctor i want to wean off the meds with diet changes and natural remedies.
I'll be changing my diet to specific carbohydrate diet or also called breaking the vicious cycle I have bought the books still waiting on them.
I think I may have been eating incorrectly  in the past I need to fix this up first along with the healing the gut teachings ongoing learning for me here.
I'm especially interested In killing off parasites and candida I have been to Thailand a couple of times and got guardia one time and very sick another I don't think I really recovered properly since then that was in a span of 3-4 years. I didn't know about probiotics and their benefits I didn't take any during the time I was sick and I do remember taking antibiotics to kill the guardia.I also quit my stressful job I think was a major contributor so cleaning up my life also along the way.

Live and learn I'll be back armed with more knowledge and disciplining myself with diet and detox.
I look forward to your quick course guides they help tremendously thank you.
You are a living example of determination and your results speak for themselves  very inspiring ,and going on helping others must be very satisfying to you.