I am absolutely thrilled with everything I learned from your book! From battling a hard case of Ulcerative Colitis, I was at my ropes end and needed to find a new approach! I managed to maintain a Elemental Diet for 5 and a half weeks and introduced Wild Oregano Oil, as well as flax oil into my lifestyle. I have adopted a much healthier lifestyle since taking an interest in everything you have had to say. Clean eating is a part of my daily life. Gluten/Dairy free has always been a part of my regular regime but now I have fully cut out processed junk!!
I cannot thank you enough for opening up my eyes to the fact that mainstream medicine is not the only way to approach health conditions!! I absolutely love when people refer to me as a hippie when I suggest Wild Oregano Oil or some other tricks I've learned from you!!
I have only had one flare up in the last few months. I am completely off prednisone. And hoping to come off Asacol soon!! I do regular healing enemas and am thrilled!!! 
Credit to you and all your hard work and determination!!