E.B., Canada
I used the IBD Remission Diet book, reading parts of it more than once, some parts several times and have found it very helpful. Loved your detailed information about each item I ingested so that I knew why it was important.
I followed the diet on page 166 having four shakes per day for six weeks, gradually adding food the next few weeks.  I still have at least one shake per day. In fact, I look forward to one every morning for breakfast.  And it is so easy to make.
What I found helpful in preparing the shakes was to scoop the flavors into one dozen 1/2 pint jars, then empty the capsules, CoQ10 etc. into each jar (only the dry ingredients), put the lids on, ready for emptying into a larger container when mixing with water and Udo oil. That way I didn't have to measure everything each time I wanted a shake.  I had three days of 4 shakes each day mostly ready. Just needed to add oil and water!
After eight weeks of mostly the shakes, I was afraid to introduce much food for fear I would regress.

The MetaCleanse has been great in stabilizing bowl movements.  I am now back on a very healthy diet. I have gained the weight back (had gone down to 97 pounds) and I feel terrific. Thanks so much Jini for your Listen to Your Gut program! The Gastroenterologist had told me I would be on drugs for the Lymphocytic Colitis the rest of my life. I have heard that the body is created to heal and I did not give up. Thank you Jini!