I have diverticulitis and came down with a very severe case this past June. After multiple antibiotics that almost killed me, I was determined to figure out a better way to control this because my extreme sensitivity to antibiotics was leaving me no choice. I came across Jini Patel's "Listen to your Gut". This put me on the path to finding Oil of Oregano (OoO). I had been taking the probiotics that Jini recommended - but only doing that. I felt well but last week within an hour, that changed when another severe diverticulosis attack hit. I knew I couldn't go to the doctors - no use to - they only know how to treat this with antibiotics and with 2 attacks so close in time, they would have me scheduled for surgery by the end of the week. So I opened Jini's book to see the other things she recommended. OoO was used hand in hand with the probiotics in her book. I had bought some last time but I had not ever taken it. I started with 1 pill - I react to everything so I was afraid of the reaction. Then within a few hours I started full dose for severe infection 2 pills 4-5 times per day. I felt like either I was going to get better with the OoO or I would be in the hospital anyway by the next day - so why not give it my best shot. By the next morning. I could stand straight and went to work. The second day was better. The third day I could walk without pain!!! It is 1 week from when it started and I feel great!!! OMG - this is a miracle for me. I finally feel like I have some control over this. I will never leave home without it in my purse! Jini - thank you so much for your book and information!!!