[Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection] I am so happy that I finally found the treatment program that is totally natural and really works. I actually owned and tried to cure myself with oregano oil and probiotics, but never knew how exactly to do it- the proportions, the order and length of the treatment, and especially the right kind of probiotics. 
But most of all, I was not sure that this natural approach would really work on such a serious illness as colitis or Crohn's, because every doctor I saw here, in the US, would just laugh at me when I asked for some natural remedies and send you to colonoscopy every year. 
I come from Russia where everybody cures themselves with herbs and homeopathy, and doctors prescribe both, traditional  and "modern" medicine. We never take any harsh medicine for the rest of our lives, like Americans. So soon I realized that I was looked upon as the only crazy, "old- fashioned" person that would still believe in the power of natural remedies. I eventually stopped believing in it myself and did't give it a serious shot. I tried oregano and probiotics, but always supplemented them with Asacol. 
Now I know many people are using oils and probiotics here too, and I should have stuck with them. This knowledge is powerful and makes you not to give up. It really works and has a great long term effect. 
Thanks, Jini, for your dedication!