Great stuff! Thanks for the useful information about Wild Oregano Oil.

I have sufferred recurrent canker sores (mouth ulcers inside the lips, on the cheeks and on the tongue which is very painful) for almost three years. But recently it has become more severe because the ulcers relapse very fast (within a week after the previous one healed).

I’ve sought medical doctor’s help and it did not help much. I stopped all medications from doctor and started applying Wild Oregano Oil (2 to 3 drops without dilution) regularly 3 to 4 times a day after I read your ebook and now it is getting better. After a month, the sores have disappeared but I continue to apply one or two times a day because the sores have left a lot lesions especially on my tongue.

At the beginning, I swallow the oil but later I found the oil was too strong and caused gastric pain, so I stopped swallowing the oil. I spat my saliva two to three times after applying the oil to prevent side effect that caused gastric pain.