A few weeks ago I was in a desperate situation.
I was hemorrhaging really bad for 4 months and had no solid bowel movements and a lot of cramping and stomach pain.
I stumbled across Jini's website and everything I read rang true to me. I ordered the books, ordered the shakes & supplements and began her protocol for severe symptoms. 
I took the maximum dose of Mucosaheal (2 capsules, 3 times a day and 3 at bedtime).
I am now so close to remission. I have solid BM and very little to almost no blood. I am so relieved I don't have to go to the hospital again. It costs us $40,000 (my insurance won't cover anything related to my Ulcerative Colitis) and it was a horrible and stressful experience. They wanted to schedule surgery to remove my colon as soon as I got there.
I am so glad I have Jini's protocol to start if I get into a flare-up. I'm forever thankful to you & your team who is always there for me.
I've ordered my second bottle of Mucosaheal for maintenance and I am sharing it with a family member who has gastritis & an eroding mucosal lining.