T.P., Colorado, USA
I have been nothing but impressed with the work that Jini and her staff have put out. I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and abdominal symptoms in my whole adult life. I am now 56. I have done tons of holistic treatments and therapies. Many have given me small improvements but I feel like I have been learning to manage my symptoms instead of curing them. The first thing that got my attention in Jini's book as the maintenance diet. The list of foods to avoid was an item for item the foods that I have found through my own trials not to eat. This gave me confidence in her IBS-IBD continuum theory and the incentive to try some of her suggestions. I was skeptical at first because I had tried probiotics before with little success and many things I have tried just made me feel worse. Anything like oregano oil that I have tried has sent me into such a detox reaction that I could not function for days. I started the oregano oil at one drop per day. I was amazed that I could tolerate it at all and astounded when I had increased to the full 10 drops/5xs per day in two weeks. I was able to stay with it for a full month when I decided it was time to start the Natren probiotics. In three weeks I have been able to build up 2 teaspoons/ day and sometimes 3 of the Bifado Factor. I have not seen much change in my gut symptoms yet but would not be surprised f it takes a while given the length of time this has been going on. I am committed to taking my time and seeing this through. I am very grateful for the leads to these supplements and look forward to adding additional ones to my program as my body allows. I have been doing the healing codes as well which I found while exploring EFT. It has also been helpful in my process. Thanks again for the great advice. I will report in periodically as things progress.