M.S., Canada
I first got introduced to Jini when I bought her book Listen to your Gut at my local health food store about six months ago.
I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease two years ago. I became very frustrated with the medical profession.
Now this by itself is unusual for me. I have had asthma since the age of two and hypothyroidism for the past 6 years. ( I'm 39 ) Both requiring daily medication and inhalers that I have no problem taking. I'm also a pediatrician - so yes, in general, I love and respect the medical profession - I'm part of it!
I found that neither my family physician or my gastroenterologist understand or appreciate the complexity of my symptoms. Now I'm not only talking about the obvious GIT symptoms, but also the associated extreme tiredness, food intolerances, etc. The solutions of having another scope, changing meds or increasing dosages of meds just did not work for me. The value of diet changes was not really acknowledged or appreciated. Yet I knew in my heart ( or perhaps in my gut?) that that was a big part of the solution for me and I went on a journey to find more info and help. I found that when I was unable to tolerate any other food I was able to tolerate some of the amino acid base infant/pediatric formula I had at the office. All my sympathy for my patients on it - it tastes awful!
I implemented most of Jini's suggestions.I had to learn the hard way to make life easier, rest when I have and be kind to myself. I'm so glad that Jini includes the importance of this in her book as well. I now look back at the way my schedule use to look and think to myself - what was I thinking??!! I had to take a cut in income but found ways to cut expenses as well. My physical health and emotional health is 100% worth it!! Praise the Lord!
I'm back on an elemental diet. I tried reintroducing food in my diet in Dec, but have a severe flare-up. The good news is that I'm back in remission without using any meds, only the remission diet! And I feel great!
I have tried a lot of different types of elemental and semi-elemental formulas. Absorb Plus is definitely one of the best tasting ones. I found it a bit sweet, but it's just perfect when mixing the chocolate or french vanilla flavor 50 - 50 with the unsweetened vanilla. I do find the extra shipping fees to Canada a bit expensive. For this reason, only I'm most likely going to continue with Alpha ENF and PMX.