G.T., Canada
It's a great book for people healing from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It's the only one I've found that stresses the holistic aspects of healing so strongly. I'm taking the information contained in it, combining it with what I've learned from the GAPS approach (see: www.gaps.me), and fine-tuning it with the help of my Naturopath, Doctor, Massage Therapist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Information that is most helpful to me now are the warnings about Colonoscopies, the Oil of Oregano protocol, her information on probiotics and her approach to healing fistulas. I used her guidelines for healing arthritis successfully as well as her approach to recovering from anemia.

GAPS gave me a way to steer clear of relying on Prednizone during flare-ups. Jini has helped me deal with the rest. Probably the most significant aspect of the book is that it gives me hard evidence that it is possible to fully heal from a severe case of Crohn's disease without having to rely solely on the allopathic medical model. I've seen what that does to people and it isn't my desired outcome.

Thanks to Jini for writing it. It's a great help.