Shirley C., BC, Canada
I've been to countless specialists over the years, both in the Western medicine and alternative sectors. A few have been helpful, most not, but none produced the results I have experienced after following Jini's suggestions in Listen To Your Colon. Not only has my digestion improved dramatically, but I don't have the nagging hunger I've lived with most of my life.
I took the Wild Oregano Oil for a few weeks, am still taking the Healthy Trinity probiotics, have eliminated starchy foods, and added butter to my diet. Butter is something I always avoided due to its saturated fat content - however, it's like a miracle food to me now. It makes vegetables taste wonderful and most importantly, it satiates me and keeps me from snacking on off-limits foods when I'm out.
I'm very grateful for Jini's years of research and dedication to this delicate subject. She seems to focus on the root of the problem, instead of recommending band-aid therapy (as I call it).