A.R., New Jersey, USA
About a year ago our seven year old daughter became very ill. She had severe gastrointestinal issues, was suffering from malabsorption, and was very lethargic. We took her to pediatricians, naturopaths and finally a pediatric gastroenterologist who diagnosed her with Crohn’s disease.
We were told that our daughter had a stricture and that because of her inability to absorb nutrients and gain weight she was in serious danger. Blood work showed that she was severely anemic, had high inflammation levels, and was deficient in just about all minerals and vitamins. We had suspected this because for months, despite being fed healthy food and high quality vitamins, she would just lie on the couch or sit in our laps, day after day. She was no longer able to keep up with her friends, run around, swim or play.

The gastroenterologist wanted to put our daughter or Remicade effective immediately. She told us that our daughter would need to be on Remicade for the rest of her life. When we researched Remicade, we realized that this was not the life we wanted for our child. We felt there had to be a better way; a way to get her gastrointestinal issues under control without destroying her immune system and the quality of her life. So we began researching, and that is when we stumbled on Jini Patel’s book, The IBD Remission Diet. Immediately we ordered copies of The IBD Remission Diet and Listen to Your Gut. We read them cover to cover and decided that we would put our daughter on Jini’s elemental diet immediately. The gastroenterologist was against it – she was really pushing the drugs – but we thought we owed it to our daughter to try a less invasive method of healing first. We reasoned that the drugs would still be there later if we needed them, so why not exhaust safer options first?  Jini’s diet made sense to us, as it seemed that it was very nutritious. We decided that if we tried the IBD remission diet, the worst that could happen was that our daughter would not get better, but she would not be hurt in any way.  The best that could happen was that perhaps we could avoid Remicade altogether.

So we began with three weeks on Jini’s elemental diet. Our daughter subsisted solely on the Absorb Plus shakes, supplements recommended by Jini, and the few legal items that Jini suggests, such as chicken broth, gummy bears, ice pops and sticks of gum. The change in our daughter was quick and drastic. First her pain disappeared. Then her energy levels went up. Then she began to gain weight. Her color returned, her smile returned, and much to our relief, her next round of blood work showed improvement. After the three weeks were over, we gradually began to add solid food back into her diet. We were careful only to feed her nutritious, Crohn’s friendly food - no gluten, no dairy, and mostly organic non processed foods. At first she ate one solid meal a day, and then two.  But always, we kept her on the shakes, at least one or two per day, and the additional healing supplements that Jini recommends.

It has been a few months now, and our daughter is thriving. People can’t believe the change in her. Family, friends, and neighbors, all ask what changed. A few months ago our daughter was a pale, exhausted wisp of a girl, and now she can outrun the fastest children in the neighborhood. She continues to drink shakes for half to two thirds of her caloric intake, and she continues to maintain (and sometimes gain) weight. She has tons of energy, and her blood work shows consistent improvement in iron levels, inflammation levels, and levels of other vitamins and minerals. Many blood markers, which were previously out of range, are returning to normal. Our gastroenterologist is astounded and has asked for the name of the shakes our daughter is on, which we gave her. I would not be surprised if she is now recommending Jini’s shakes to her other patients.

We are very thankful to Jini Patel, to Justin Wade, and to everyone in the Absorb Plus family. Without these shakes, I really do not want to imagine the state our daughter might be in.