L.M., Alberta, Canada
"Absorb Plus came at a very opportune time. I had an obstruction of the bowel and was not interested in solid foods. I tried some of the flavors with water, and some with milk. I found the product very compatible with my stomach, and it sustained me (good energy!). I appreciate the fact it is not overly sweet, but sweet enough, and it is light in taste. It is easy to transport because one does not need to carry a can, or a blender with them if they leave the home. My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Royale with a rich full chocolate flavor. Having difficulty with fat absorption, I did not add any oil.
I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1958 and have tried MANY different products over the years. I love Absorb Plus and find it satisfying, and energy giving. It has an ease of digestibility, and adaptation to one's individual health concerns like fat absorption, or balancing fats and sugars. I must admit I really find the ready dissolvability of the product a huge asset."