Shala C., United Kingdom
I just wanted to pass along a big "thank you" to Jini for her Baby Fart Aerobics.  My husband and I were desperate to find something to help our 1 month old with his terrible gas pains.  It causes him such pain that he would cry and scream until it was passed.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  It would even wake him out of a deep sleep.  I came across the DVD during one of my MANY google searches trying to find something besides the advise that I need to "wait it out".  I found and ordered the DVD and it worked the first time...we were so happy, and so was my son who became this calm, sweet child that we had not known until then!  He still struggles to pass gas, however with doing the exercises daily, he is SOOO much better.  We had tried everything and this truely helped our little guy when nothing else did.  A thousand thanks!!