Beth H., Michigan
"Thank you for making this DVD. My 1 month old became colicky at 2 weeks of age and it has been a nightmare. I became hopeless after trying everything out there- including all the classic soothing techniques (sucking, swaddling, swings, etc), visiting our doc weekly, GERD testing, chiropractic help, gripe water/ gas drops...and nothing worked. 
As you know it is heart breaking (the worst thing I had ever witnessed) to see your baby in that much pain! My husband and I viewed your DVD last night and after the first segment we tried the first exercise and cried, laughed and hugged with happiness & relief as the first few tries WORKED and she had a blow out of bowel elimination (appeared to be days worth of bowels) and gas immediately!!! She does still appear to be in some pain, but now we know what to keep doing!!”