E.D., Ontario, Canada
"After being diagnosed one and a half years ago with indeterminate ulcerative colitis, I tried the full range of conventional 5-ASA drugs (salofalk, asacol, pentasa) but experienced no improvement at all. In fact, some of the drugs worsened my condition. I also tried a number of natural therapies, including restrictive diets such as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a wide range of supplements, and bodywork therapies, all of which helped me somewhat, but which I felt did not go far enough toward getting the disease under control.
I decided to try The IBD Remission Diet using Absorb Plus after the onset of a sudden, nasty flare that also resulted in painful swellings on my legs called erythema nodosum that made it difficult for me to walk.
I learned about The IBD Remission Diet after having read Jini Patel Thompson's Listen To Your Gut. Although initially I felt skeptical about my ability to stay on a completely liquid diet for any length of time, I decided that it seemed like a much better - and safer - option than the ones my G.I. was offering in the form of steroids and immuno-suppressive drugs.
I followed the diet for two and a half weeks then tapered off the shakes gradually over the course of another one and a half weeks. Within three days of beginning the diet my erythema nodosum began to disappear, and although one does experience some "urgency" as a result of this diet being all liquid - the nearly intolerable urgency I had been experiencing beforehand went away as well. During the course of the diet I never felt hungry, enjoyed the taste of the shakes and was full of energy. I was able to put on and maintain needed weight and was amazed how little self-discipline it took to stay on the diet. I actually found I enjoyed the break from planning menus, shopping, cooking and cleaning up!
Within the first week of returning to solid food I experienced the first solid bowel movements I had had in almost a year. My digestion was quiet and painless and food was properly broken down. My energy levels stayed up and my weight has stayed on.
The IBD Remission Diet has been a dramatic, positive step forward in what I see as an ongoing healing process. Although I may experience flares again in the future, the fear factor is almost gone now that I know I have a powerful tool for managing them that will not cause horrible side effects or damage my immune system. I still consume the shakes on a regular basis, mainly for health and nutritional reasons, but also because I really enjoy them. I would highly recommend this diet for anyone with gastro-intestinal problems or anyone seeking a balanced, natural approach to long-term health."