Y.V., B.C., Canada
"I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago, I was 27 at the time and the specialist asked me if I had a good health plan because I was going to need it. Stunned and uninformed and refusing to go the "drug" method I began the journey of naturopaths, homoeopaths and trial and error. I submitted to drug therapy within 18 months, in an emergency room as I lay in the bed in tremendous pain and bleeding with no control, I felt I had no choice. Asacol was my constant companion.
I work in the film industry, 16 hour days and heavy stress load for months on end have finally taken its toll, by this last April my body couldn't hold its self together anymore and I was bleeding non-stop, with massive cramping and pain when I ate something. With a life style change ahead of me I knew I had to do something fast, I was on 8 Asacol a day and the bleeding was getting worse, I was afraid to go back to the doctors because of the Steroid threat. Through divine intervention I was introduced to Ms. Patel Thompson's book and Absorb Plus! My life changed from then on, drinking 3 shakes a day, with no other food I continued the diet faithfully. Within 6 weeks I stopped bleeding, after a year of bleeding! I'm now on 2 Asacol a day and I haven't bled since, I tell everyone about Absorb Plus, health food stores, naturopaths, homeopaths basically anyone who is interested in helping those of us with IBD. Absorb Plus saved my life! I now have the energy, wellness and the confidence which has been provided by knowing there is truly an alternative to "drug therapy" has brought me a tremendous peace of mind, Absorb Plus will be a part of my life forever, my partner and I are currently trying to start a family and Absorb Plus has given me the confidence to pursue our dream."