K.M., Arizona, USA
"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1985. I weighed 175lbs before the onset of Crohn's. After a couple of stays in the hospital, I got down to my lowest weight of 130 lbs. Since that time, it has been a struggle to put weight on and stay healthy. After resection surgery 2 years ago my weight and health spiraled down once again. We received an e-mail from J. Patel last fall (my wife had read her IBD Remission Diet book). My wife Eileen, suggested I try it since it was an all natural formula created by this author who suffered from Crohn's herself. Absorb Plus is the only product that suits my physical conditions and has allowed me to get back to 170 lbs. This is the closest I have been to my high school weight since my diagnosis! I have tried many different diets and vitamin formulas throughout the years. Absorb Plus is the only one that has made a significant contribution to my overall well being! I appreciate that greatly. Thank you very much for developing this product."