Y.W., B.C. Canada
"I found the excerpts from Jini's books online and I immediately went out and bought the books. What she said made so much sense. I have also emailed her and gotten a response since I ordered a bunch of Absorb Plus from you a month ago.
As I was telling her in my letter to her that I was in a very similar situation as she was when I was diagnosed with Crohn's 5 years ago. I had two children ages 2 and 3 and no family in the city, plus we had just bought a house in a new neighbourhood and I didn't have a support structure to help out. Anyhow, needless to say, it was very difficult to go through all the symptoms of severe pain, losing weight, etc. I tried the "naturopath route" for a year and a half and didn't listen to the traditional doctors because I thought I could heal myself through all the "natural remedies" and acupuncture, etc. However, that did not happen, and in fact I was down to 87 lbs. and when I finally went back to the Gastroenterologist he ordered surgery within a week.
Now, I haven't had problems until a few months ago when I had a severe Crohn's attack. I did not want to get back into taking the steroids, thinking about surgery, etc. Thankfully I found out about Jini's books and Absorb Plus. I immediately did a one week cleanse and took nothing but the Absorb Plus with a few added vitamins and flax oil. I felt so good. No one had ever suggested do a "bowel rest" (at least not with being able to drink anything as healthy as the Absorb Plus). I normally have absolutely NO willpower because I love food and especially sweets. I did stick to it and was proud of myself for even doing it for a week. I had energy and I didn't feel hungry during that week. I also have done "mini cleanses" for 2 or 3 days at a time when I've gone "overboard" on my food over a holiday weekend or something.
My good friend was also diagnosed with Crohn's just weeks ago and I got her onto the books and the Absorb Plus as well. Now we're both so glad we have something to fall back on if we do have any "attacks" or whatever and instead of immediately going back on drugs, etc. we will follow Jini's recommended diets, along with the Absorb Plus diet for a while. Thank you so much and thanks to Jini. We will keep you posted!"