D.F., Georgia, USA
I found out in May that I suffered from mild Crohn's disease after a couple of fun trips to the emergency room. Regardless, my gastro doctor decided that the best way to treat the Crohn's was with a regimine of fifteen pentasa, five pills three times a day. Now, while pentasa is not a full blown steroid, it is still a steroid, and he indicated this would be the best dosage for 'maintenance' of my condition.
"Well, after a few subtle diet changes, I was able to get the Crohn's to a reasonable state, and even tried the pentasa for a couple of weeks. I hated the fact that I was on these pills! At any rate, I did some internet research on Crohn's and stumbled across Jini Patel's IBD books, listen to your gut and the IBD remission diet. I decided I did not want to go the expensive route and try the custom shakes, and headed to absorbplus.com through her recommendation.
I went on the shakes for about a month, and during the course of the month, felt my symptoms vanish. I also added UDO's choice oil to the regimen, which is some good magic on it's own!"