L.R., California, USA
"I have had Crohn's Disease for four years now and the prescription drugs have done nothing to help the up and down cycles of the disease. Jini's book 'Listen to Your Gut' helped me a great deal and through that, I learned of the IBD Remission Diet which lead me to the Absorb Shakes. Having been on the Shakes for 4 weeks now, I have put on weight and feel better than I have in years. This better feeling is also a cleaner one because I am weaning myself off the drugs as I continue on the shake diet. There has been a sea change in my stomach since four weeks ago when I was on the verge of another flare. The taste is outstanding and when mixing up the day with broth and jello, there is a slight reluctance to return to regular food. What I am most grateful for is knowing that there is another avenue to maintain health and stem flares rather than steroids. This is a product I will continue to use for life."