R.B., BC, Canada
"I am 37 years old and I have IBS. I developed this condition almost 5 years ago by a way I never thought imaginable. For a sinus infection I took two different antibiotics in succession, as a result I developed diarrhea. At the time I thought I had the flu or food poisoning because I had stopped taking them a week before. The trips to the bathroom became more frequent and so I saw a doctor who told me I probably had the stomach flu and I went home.

After 11 days with diarrhea looking quite sick I went back to the doctor who again told me I had the flu and gave me Immodium to stop the diarrhea. He never sent me to the lab for a stool test. Later on that night I became very sick with a really high temperature and knife stabbing stomach pain. I continued to take the Immodium but it never stopped my diarrhea. I had to go to the hospital I felt like I was going to die, there they rehydrated me and sent me home with a lab kit for a for a stool test. I continued throughout the weekend unable to eat or drink, in excruciating pain and sometimes delirious. Not until tuesday did I find out what I had. C- Difficile Toxin, a very severe case, I was given antibiotics to treat this and I had already lost 20 pounds. After 5 more days the pain became worse and I was back in the hospital very dehydrated. The pills were not working, I was then sent to a GI Doctor and the colonoscopy he gave me showed toxin throughout my bowel. At this meeting the doctor informed me to STOP the Immodium as it could lead to the loss of my bowel and I later found out that if the bowel stops moving death can occur. I am very lucky the Immodium did not work. 
I was now put on a stronger antibiotic and after 7 days no improvement. I was then admitted to St. Paul's hospital quite under-nourished and sick, this time I was given Vancomyacin. With one more recurrence I was given Vancomyacin again and 3 weeks later the toxin was almost all out. I was left unable to eat almost anything and hardly able to walk. It took the next 5 months for me to be able to function at a mild level of ability but I never gained my weight back and had continued IBS and colitis-like symptoms. The toxin had destroyed my digestive system. 
Over the next year and a half I struggled with flare ups and learning to eat solid food again, my GI doc was at a loss with me but he told me that a small percent of cases develop IBS or colitis. Through this time I tried many drugs. I was under-nourished and not able to go sometimes for 6 or 7 days this would make me very toxic or I couldn't stop going even after a bit of food, so I sought out alternative help.

I was put on a strict candida diet which caused me to lose more weight and this did nothing for my IBS. I then found my way to a naturopath who put me through expensive food sensitivity tests and another diet, almost everything which caused more weight loss. I've seen this doctor until recently, I spent over 3000 dollars there in less than 10 months. Each time I queried him about another test or remedy he expressed that I couldn't afford not to do it, each time to no avail. Although he told me I could leave him he said there was no where else for me to go. I continued on feeling beaten, depressed and as though I have gone only backwards. I've always felt a little bit of weight would go a long way mentally for me. Which leads me to your product. Like all other powders I've tried before I waited for it to make me sick, it never happened EUREKA I struck gold but unfortunately at this time I can only afford a tub every few weeks. I recently hurt my back and I believe because of my prolonged anorexic condition my muscle mass has deteriorated leaving me quite weakened. 
On a good note I have noticed improvements while taking Absorb Plus, I am getting regularity and my leaky gut has stopped. I haven't had many positive results to talk about so this is really good. I feel that over some time Absorb Plus can help me, along with a good healthy diet."