What's On The DVD?

DVD Menu Options
1) Baby Fart Aerobics Routine
  • Colonic massage
  • Hip rocking
  • Pelvic loosening
  • Dangling stretch
2) Craniosacral Therapy
  • Demonstration and interview
3) Burping Techniques
  • Side-lying technique for babies who fall asleep while nursing
4) Pelvic and Lower Back Loosening and Massage
5) A Hot Bath Relaxes The Bowel
  • How to do Baby Fart Aerobics in the bath
6) Breastfeeding and The Infant Gut
  • Allergens and irritants to baby’s gut
  • Importance of probiotics
  • Immune support while sick or travelling
  • Effect of emotions on the gut
  • Natural disposable diapers
  • Vaccination
7) Help For the Postpartum Mother
  • Irritability and depression 
  • Hair loss 
  • Rectal fissures and hemorrhoids 
  • Natural birth control